Top 8 Best Health Apps In 2021 [Updated]

Want to know about Best Health Apps in 2021?

How much we do to maintain our health, such as eating healthy food, working out, and more.

But the question is how we can manage all those things in our daily life.

To manage these things, we download many health-related apps.

There are hundreds of apps for IOS & Android users.

But the point is which is the best health apps in 2021.

So, let’s jump to the post!

Here’s The List of 8 Best Health & Wellness Apps

1- Pacer Pedometer


Iphone Rating: 4.8 Stars

Android Rating: 4.6 Stars

Price: Free

Pacer is like having a walking buddy and health coach in this app. You guys can track all your activities in one beautiful interface.

There are servals things in this app like Data insights, Outdoor Routes, Personalized Fitness Plans, & guided workouts that will help you achieve your unique health & fitness goals. And you guys can stay connect with your friends also. Isn’t this amazing.

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2- Google Fit


Iphone Rating: 4.0 Stars

Android Rating: 3.8 Stars

Price: Free

Again, an amazing app by Google. Google Fit collaborates with The World Health Organization & America Heart Association.

This app brings you Heart Points, activity goals that can help improve your health & helps to stay fit always.

It will also help you: See your workouts, monitor your goals, every move was count, & connect with your favourite apps. Google Fit is the best health tracker apps.



Iphone Rating: 4.8 Stars

Android Rating: 4.7 Stars

Price: Free

Cure.Fit is the largest fitness and group workout chain in India. Cure.Fit across all over India like Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Delhi, Mumbai & Gurugram.

In this app, you can choose multiple workout formats from dance fitness, Yoga, Football, Boxing, Strength & Conditioning, HRX, Prowl, and more.

This app contains Live Workout sessions, workout from home, you can search the nearest center, recipe book Healthy & Tasty Meals.

4- Drink Water- Daily Reminder


Iphone Rating: 4.5 Stars

Android Rating: 4.2 Stars

Price: Free

You all know Drinking water is the main key to stay hydrated.

So, This app is really good for us. This app helps you drink water from time to time.

If you don’t know how much you need to drink each day, No Problem! This app has a super water calculator to help you.

You just enter your Weight & Drinkwater tells how much you should drink per day.

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5- AarogyaSetu


Iphone Rating: 4.2 Stars

Android Rating: 4.4 Stars

Price: Free

This mobile application developed by the Government of India to connect essential health services with the people of India in our combined fight against COVID-19.

6- Fitbit: Health & Fitness


Iphone Rating: 4.1 Stars

Android Rating: 3.7 Stars

Price: Free

A free app that tracks your day & insights over time. There are many things in this app like Nutrition Programs, Sleep Tools, Floors Insights, & such things.

You can set your goals, & earn achievements badges & celebrate milestones also.

This app can work with all Fitbit watches, trackers, & other Fitbit products.

Fitbit is the best health tracker apps. [Personally Used]

7- Nike Run Club


Iphone Rating: 4.8 Stars

Android Rating: 4.6 Stars

Price: Free

Really great mobile application by Nike. The tools you need to run better, including GPS run tracking; Audio-Guided, Your weekly & monthly insights.

Get the most out of your run with coaching, workout, & music.

You guys can track your progress and get real-time feedback.

Complete your goals and unlock achievements also. According to reviews of people, Nike Run Club is the best health tracker apps.

8- Mi Fit


Iphone Rating: 4.2 Stars

Android Rating: 4.5 Stars

Price: Free

This app can track your exercise and analyze your sleep & activity data.

It keeps you motivated while exercising helps to build a healthy lifestyle and makes a better you.

This application working with multiple smart devices like Mi Band, Amazfit Bip, Mi Body &, etc.

Common Questions

What is the best free health apps?

We Cover All The Free Health & Wellness Apps in 2021.
Like, Pacer, Google Fit, Nike Run Club, Mi fit & List Goes On.

Do Android phones have a health app?

Yes, All These Apps are also available on Android. So, Download & Start Building Your Healthy Perfect Routine.


So, We actually tell you about Best Health Apps in 2021.

In this post we covered few best health apps like Pacer, Google Fit,, & etc.

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