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The Complications Of Diabetes & Medical Problems

The most vital impacts of Diabetes are long term complications. There are Mostly of the complications are related to the Effects of Diabetes. So, today I discuss the long term Complications of Diabetes.

So, These Are The Long Term Complications Of Diabetes:

Large & small arteries are damaged by Diabetes. These arteries remove the result of medical problems in both conditions common & serious:

  • Cardiovascular disease. In the case of diabetes has up to a 400% greater chance of heart attack or stroke. In the case of a heart attack, there are 65% chances of deaths among people with diabetes. To control blood pressure and lipid levels these deaths could be decreased by 30%.
  • Amputations. Approximately 82,000 people have diabetes problem-related with leg & foot amputations each year. Moreover, there is 60% of non-traumatic lower limit amputation are related to diabetes.
  • Kidney disease. Approx 38,000 people with diabetes are suffering from kidney failure in each and every year. To get better results there is The treatment for Blood pressure & blood glucose. It could reduce diabetes-related kidney failure by about 50%.
  • Eye disease. Every year around 12000-24000 become blind because of diabetes eye disease, it includes diabetic retinopathy. diabetes is the leading cause of adults age 20-74.

Complication related to artery damage

60 to 70% of people with diabetes have a problem with nervous system damage. This diabetic neuropathy may result in numbness, tingling, and paresthesias in the extremities and, less often, debilitating, severe, deep-seated pain and hyperesthesias. So, these are the following examples of diabetic neuropathy:

  • Peripheral neuropathy. Tingling, pain, or a loss of feeling developed by the feet and legs. This problem makes foot ulcers and foot infections more common, adding to the possibility that an amputation may be needed.
  • But our blood circulation has to develop by some adjustments to move blood from your toes to the torso when you are stand up it is pumping by the help of gravity. When our body is working correctly & in a proper manner, these adjustments include tightening of blood vessels to prevent the pooling of blood in our lower body.

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