10 Best Food for Lower Blood Sugar Based on Science

Over 38,000+ people suffering from lower blood sugar, diabetes & other medical condition that affect blood sugar, healthy diet plays major role to maintain blood sugar levels. But the major question is which food for lower blood sugar, that helps you to control your blood sugar & other conditions.

You know what’s the funny thing, We are surrounded by all the sweet things (With Proof).

10 Best Food for Lower Blood Sugar Based on Science

Bodyweight, stress, daily activity, & genetics are plays a major role to maintain blood sugar, following a healthy diet is not a big deal, but following a daily healthy diet is a major factor to control blood sugar (1).

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Here are 8 Food For Lower Blood Sugar

1. Apples

An Apple a Day, Keeps The Doctor Away” No doubt, 100% true statement.

Apples contain soluble fiber & some plant compounds, include, quercetin, chlorogenic acid, and gallic acid also, these things help you to control your blood sugar & other condition like diabetes (2).

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While eating specific fruits like apple, it’s beneficial for lower blood pressure & reduces the risk of diabetes.

Scientific research says over 187,000 people found that the highest intake fruits like blueberries, grapes, & apples, connected with a lower risk of diabetes (3, 4).

2. Citrus Fruits

There are many citrus fruits are sweet, scientific research shows that citrus fruits help you to reduce lower blood sugar & diabetes also.

Citrus fruits are low glycemic fruits that’s why they don’t affect lower blood sugar as much as other types of fruits like watermelon & pineapple (5).

Citrus fruits like orange, lime, yuzu, tangelo, these fruits are packed with fiber & some plant compounds like naringenin, with powerful anti-diabetic properties (6, 7)

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Citrus fruits help to improve sensitivity, reduce HbA1c & reduce the risk factor of diabetes (8, 9).

3. Oats

If you are preparing your diet plan at home, make sure add Oats in your diet plan list (At The Top).

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Oats contain a high content of soluble fiber which helps you to improve your blood sugar. By analyzing 20+ studies we found that oats help you reduce HbA1c, & fasting blood sugar levels significantly (10).

4. Avocados

Want something creamy & tasty, try avocados because it helps to control your blood sugar level & it will also taste good. It contains fiber, minerals, vitamin, & other rich components & as you know, if all these are in one fruit, then fruits definitely control your blood sugar (11).

Studies say that avocados may help you to reduce blood sugar levels & protect against diabetes problems, which is a group of conditions, including high blood pressure & high blood sugar (12).

Remember, avocados help in remembering the tiny details of daily routine & also, avocados help you when you are in cold (Best Food for Lower Blood Sugar).

5. Berries

Now comes something tasty in our list 🙂

Studies say that berries help to improve your blood sugar control. Berries are covered with vitamin, minerals, fiber & antioxidants, that’s why this fruit is a better option to control your blood sugar.

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As the 2019 case study says that eating 2 cups of red raspberries with high carb meal, helps to reduce post-insulin & control blood sugar in 18-25 age groups (13).

Berries like strawberry, raspberries, blueberries & blackberries help to reduce blood sugar, improve glucose in your body & clearance of your blood (14).

6. Flax Seeds

Flax seeds are covered with fiber, vitamins & healthy fats. Although flax seeds help you to reduce blood sugar.

In study 57 people who suffer from diabetes type 2, those who consumed 200 grams of yogurt contain nearly 30 grams of Flaxseed, this reduces HbA1c within 2-3 days, for those who love to consumed plain yogurt (15).

Over 30+ Studies found that eating Flaxseed significantly is helps to improve your blood sugar levels & reduce the risk factor of diabetes.

7. Ladyfinger (Okra)

Ladyfinger is also known as okra. Okra contains polysaccharides & flavonoid antioxidants which help you to reduce your lower blood sugar levels (16).

Remember, Animal studies say that Ladyfinger (okra) has more powerful anti-diabetic properties than other vegetables.

In many countries, okra seeds used as a natural remedy to treat diabetes due to their lower blood sugar properties (17).

8. Nuts

While eating nuts, it significantly helps you to improve lower blood sugar & also reduce the risk factor of diabetes.

As scientific research found that, there 25 people with diabetes start consuming diabetes & peanuts as part of a low carb diet, it starts to reduce blood sugar levels (18).

Nuts & seeds like almonds, pecans. walnut, sunflower seeds are a great choice for fueling your body during the recovery process. These food provide plant-based protein, healthy fats, and vitamins and minerals that support healing.

9. Kale

Kale is one of the superfoods for a good reason, It’s covered with some really extraordinary compounds like antioxidants, & fiber which helps to reduce blood sugar levels.

Doctors did research in which there were 42 Japanese, who were in the age of 21–64, And then they told everyone to consume kale food with low carb meal diet, After 20 minutes when this test was completed, the doctors believed that this food is reducing blood sugar levels significantly (19).

10. Beans

Beans contain a large number of nutrients, proteins, magnesium, a fiber that helps to reduce lower blood sugar & reduce the risk of diabetes (20).

A study 12 women adding dark beans to a rice meal, it significantly help to reduce lower blood sugar, While eating rice alone nothing was happening (21).


Remember, following a healthy diet plan is mandatory for improving lower blood sugar.

In this post, we provide you with a list of foods that lower blood sugar.

This 10 Food for lower blood sugar, helps you to improve your lower blood sugar, reduce the risk of diabetes & other chronic diseases.

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