GoDaddy Academy: Grow More in Your Life

Want to grow in life with GoDaddy Academy Digital Marketing Course?

Hey, you want to learn digital marketing, but worried about how to get started.

And also worried about certifications.

Hooray! Your Problem Solved.

GoDaddy Academy Digital Marketing: What?

So, GoDaddy launches their new product name called ‘GoDaddy Academy’. In this product’s you guys can learn advanced knowledge about Digital Marketing.

And it includes a special GoDaddy certificate for you!

Isn’t This Amazing!

Why GoDaddy Launching?

GoDaddy is engaging ordinary business people the world over by giving the entirety of the assistance and devices to succeed on the web.

Our main goal is to give our clients the instruments, experiences and the individuals to change their thoughts and individual activity into progress.

The dispatch of GoDaddy is planned for bringing vocation centred projects that enable people to become web experts and permit business people to add to their abilities, from a large group of very much chose web explicit projects.

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Amazing Stuff

There are some really great factors, that GoDaddy gives you:

  • Certification by GoDaddy
  • Easy access to GoDaddy support service
  • Live project & assessment
  • Learn anywhere, anytime at your comfort
  • You can practice what you learn
  • Byte-sized learning, specially designed content
  • Learn from the industry expert
  • Develop techno-commercial acumen

What you will learn in this course?

  • Online Marketing Essentials
  • Design Optimization
  • Learn Basic Tools
  • Working with WordPress
  • Understanding Website
  • Advanced Digital Marketing (Online Marketing Free Course)
  • Sales Essential


What’s Happening Next?

  • You guys make yourself Digital ready.
  • Planning to start your own business.
  • Earn extra with your existing job & unleash your creativity & become a freelancer.

Fasten Your Carrer Growth Become An Expert

India is the world’s 2nd biggest internet population and as per the Govt. of India and McKinsey joint report, India will be $1 Trillion Digital Economy by 2025.

About 80% of 10 Crore SME’s will get digital in the next few years and at least 60 Million opportunities will be created to support the digital economy by 2025.

Be Connected With The Digital World


A career in Digital Marketing

  • Entrepreneur
  • SEO Manager
  • ADS Campaign Manager
  • PPC Manager
  • Social Media Expert
  • Freelancer
  • Professional Blogger

Why Us!

Exclusively Designed Course

This course is specially designed to provide in-depth knowledge and help individuals with high-quality & advanced content to enhance their careers in the digital world.

Tool Based Learning

Get exposed to 100+ Live tools that are used by industry experts and agencies to speed up your learning & output. Practical knowledge is what we believe in and that makes us unique.

Years of Trust in the Industry

We have trained 1,57,328 professionals in the last few years. We have a record of creating some exceptional creative bloggers and digital marketer making them industry.