Hair Guidelines: Makes your Hair Perfect

Hair Style: Makes your Hair Perfect

Hair Grooming

Having clean, well-groomed hair is important to everyone, and is no less so for the individual. An individual like different brands of shampoo or conditioner and may have a preferred style. Individual may also change their minds about how they style their hair.

All of these choices should be respect and support. So, Today We Discuss Hair Style: Makes your Hair Perfect

  • Ask the individual if he or she has a preference for his or her hair style today.
  • Teach and assist with drying wet hair with dryer and applying gels, hair spray, and other hair products as appropriate.
  • If the hair is long, divide into sections before combing or brushing.
  • Teach and assist the individual to comb or brush the hair from scalp to ends of hair.
  • Encourage the individual to look in a mirror when finished styling.

The style and finish of the hair usually complete the overall service. But finishing procedure presents the fabulous end result. It is essential that the overall finish is satisfactory to our client and that they have been advised on how to maintain their style between salon visits.

This guide describes different products and equipment available for styling and finishing hair and when to use them. It also covers the importance of following manufactures instruction.

You must always protect your client during the styling service with a fresh, clean grown and towel. You should wear gloves when applying styling and finishing products to prevent dermatitis and maintain healthy hands, and an apron to protect your clothes.

There are many tools and equipment for hair like dressing out comb, wide-toothed comb, vented brush, round brush, flat brush, diffusers, and also a hairdryer. Ineffectively-maintained tools and equipment can lead to poor health. And safety, poor hygiene, risk of cross-infection and infestation, and a negative salon image.

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