Be: Healthy And Eat Healthy Food

Be: Healthy And Eat Healthy Food

As we all know that healthy food is the first priority in our life. Good nutritional status helps us maintaining all-important body functions so that we can grow and develop properly and lead healthy, active lives. Nutritional status is the condition of the body resulting from the nutrient content of the food we eat in relation to our nutritional needs. And from the ability of our bodies to digest, absorb and use those nutrients.

The foundation for good physical health is a good nutritional status. Nutrients status is a direct effect by the foods we eat and their nutrient content. But good nutritional status depends on eating the right amounts and the right variety of safe, good quality foods to meet our individual nutritional needs.

Be Healthy?

Food provides the energy and nutrients needed to support all body functions, maintain good health and carry out everyday activities. The food contains many ingredients, called nutrients. which helps the body function well. But foods are complex mixtures of different components, providing varying amounts of the nutrients the body needs. Some nutrients cannot be produced by the body. And must be taken the adequate amounts from the food that we eat in an order to be well and prevent disease.

But no single food contains all the nutrients needed by the body in the right amounts. One food may be rich in one or two nutrients, but low in other essential nutrients. And It is only by eating adequate amounts of a variety of foods that we can help ensure that we will take in the right amounts of the nutrients needed good health and nutritional status.

Individual and families must always be able to get the food they need to be healthy. This means that people must be able to grow, hunt or catch the food they need or earn enough money to buy it. But food must be sufficient in both amount and variety to meet the needs of all family members.

Food must be acceptable to the culture of that family or household. Producing more food in the country or community does not guarantee. But those people will have the food they need for good health status.

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