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How To Remain Happy & Content [UPDATED]

Want to know about How to Remain Happy?

Is this a Good Decision?

Yes, This a very Good Decision. Happiness is a great armor for a Smooth Life.

Vagaries of life seem to have taken control of man’s grit and determination. Why should life appear to be a sad song? When prices of material items are soaring high, why should man himself be cheap and pedestrian? Can’t we have such flower in life’s little garden, as spread peace and happiness by their mere fragrance? Will that moment of satiation ever come, when we raise our hand up. So, Read The Post That How To Remain Happy & Content.

How to Remain Happy?

As a man rises in life, his perception gets holistic. Commensurately the thought of discrimination and bitterness go down. An all-round perfection attracts all-round prospect. A complete man is a content man.


Those who plan their activities properly, enjoy life to the hit and remain Happy and content. If the daily routine is lackadaisical, it not only impairs the health of the mind but the body as well. Such men fall to pray to myriad mental and physical ailments.

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Well organized people get up early in the morning, attend to call of nature and exercise, followed by yoga, bathing, prayers, breakfast, and meditation. After this, they get on to their daily assignments in all earnest. These sets of activities, on one hand, are the best utilization, then only we are Happy in a real sense. (How To Remain Happy)

How To Stay Happy:

Those people who are serving at the mental level remain in Joi de Vivre. Consequently, their devotion and dedication at the workplace are top-notch leading to better results which add to their happiness all the more.


A well planned day connotes order in our work, which influences people favorably. It keeps a man alive and kicking. But if our routine is disorganized, the evils like lethargy, stupor, lack of concentration & many other things. Hence those who aspire for lasting peace and joy de Vivre should meticulously plan and organize their daily activities.


For all our pluses and minuses, our attitude towards life counts. Our outlook is the first and foremost of our real introduction. Even most worldly things are easy to get-a a healthy perception is not. Pleasure and pathos, optimism and pessimism are the roller coaster of life. Those who have a position and a creative approach to life-can cross the biggest of a hurdle with ease.


Envy is an obstacle to the unfolding of joy de Vivre. Like a mite that eats into the wood, it reminds us hollow most insidiously. It is said the first-ever act of crime owed its genesis to jealously. Karen killed his brother Habil and paved the way for a spate of such crimes in the future. When we envy another person’s grace or grandeur or covet their such possessions as we miss, we pan through pangs of jealousy.


Granted that nothing in the world happens on its-own-stream, it is imperative that we learn to look to the brighter side of life. We know that two plus two make four. But is this is the be-all and end-all of your wisdom?

And that testifies to the flaws of our perception. Indeed two and two are four, but even one plus three make four. This cerebral flexibility mirrors a healthy and dynamic personality which is your ultimate passport for Happy and prosperous existence.

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