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How You Do Best Personality Test?

To be angry is part of human nature. Probably there is no man in this world who has never been angry for some of the other reasons. But some people are such who become temperamentally angry. People who get angry and irritated habitually do not realize that this habit of theirs will be a hindrance in the path of their progress and they will become their own enemies. So, today I discuss why Anger Doesn’t Make Your Personality Better. & how you do the Best Personality Test.

Key Reason That How Anger Doesn’t Make Your Personality Better

But in the ten tenets of Dharma, anger is considered to be rejected by all. Anger is the weakest part of human nature. An angry person is never liked by family, friends, co-workers or society. In spite of all their progress and they will become their own enemies.

Best Personality Test

So, generally, it is observed that when we are not ready to compromise or bend, we become angry. We get angry with people because we are either scared of them or we think that they have ignored us. The reasons for our being angry are – irrelevant conversation, wrong people or wrong reasons.

How Anger Effect You?

Psychologists after a deep study of human behavior have enlisted ten instincts. Anger is one of these ten. All human beings have little or more element of anger. In some, it is like a line drawn on stone and in others like a line drawn on water. In the absence of love, politeness, and wisdom the good qualities of a man also disappear. This gadding mental state invites anger. Source describes two types of anger:-

  • Self-established anger
  • Anger established by other

Because anger is not found only in human beings. It can be clearly seen in nature, birds, and animals too. Excess of rain, landslides, hail storms, earthquakes, volcanos, etc. are the expression of nature’s anger. Man influences not only himself but his entire surroundings when he is angry.

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