importance of healthy food

The Importance Of Healthy Food

Food is a necessary part of everyone’s lives. It provides the USA the energy and nutrients to grow and develop, be healthy and active, to move, work, play, assume and learn. The body desires a range of the subsequent five nutrients. Protein, saccharide, fat, vitamins, and minerals – from the food we tend to eat to remain healthy and productive. So. these days I discuss the importance of healthy food.

What Are The Importance Of Healthy Food?

Protein – is needed to make, maintain and repair muscle, blood, skin and bones and alternative tissues and organs within the body.

Foods rich in protein include meat, eggs, dairy, and fish.

Carbohydrates are classified into 2 kinds; starches and sugars. Food is made in starches. Includes rice, maize, wheat and potatoes and food made in sugars embrace fruit, honey, sweets, and chocolate bars.

Fat – This is the body’s secondary supply of energy. Fat truly provides a lot of energy/calories per gram than the other nutrient however is tougher to burn.

Food rich in fats are oils, butter, lard, milk, cheese, and some meat.

Vitamins and Minerals – Are required in terribly tiny amounts and area unit typically known as micronutrients, however area unit essential permanently health.

They management several functions and processes within the body, and within the case of minerals conjointly facilitate build body tissue like bones and blood.

A Balanced Diet:

To stay healthy we tend to not solely want all of the higher than five nutrients in our diet however we tend to additionally want them within the correct quantities-this is what we tend to mean by a diet.

The results of not having a diet ar numerous: if you are doing not eat enough macromolecule, you may not be ready to grow properly; if you are doing not eat enough energy containing foods, you may feel terribly tired.

& if you eat an excessive amount of energy-containing foods you may become overweight. Many of us within the developed world eat an excessive amount of some styles of food. For example, heaps of saturated fats, and become overweight.

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