Keep Away From Lies, Fraud & Deception

Keep Away From Lies, Fraud & Deception

G.D. Broadman, a great western thinker said-sow a work and get a habit and get a character, sow a character and get a fortune. It is evident that the fate of a person is formed by the work he does. The branch of a tree bends in the direction it is diverted. If a person once entangles himself in lies and cunningness, then in spite of making countless efforts.

He can never get out of it and day by day he will keep moving towards downfall.


Trees may be big or small, whatever we sow-we will get similar kind of fruit. The tree that will grow out of a keek seed will certainly bear thorns. Whereas the tree that will grow out of mango seed will certainly bear sweet mangoes. This rule is applicable to all botanical plants in the world, whether they are big or small.

If we observe with care, the same rule applies to the formation of habits in all human beings. The result of good temperament will be good and the result of bad temperament will certainly be bad. If we want to succeed in life, then it is very necessary to inculcate good habits.

Habits are formed by starting ant new idea or work. When we do anything wrong for the first time we convince ourselves by saying that we will not become habitual pf it if we do it once. But this thought is totally misguiding. By doing it once you have sowed the seed of that particular work in your heart.

The impact of a work is formed on the mind of a person even if he does it once. As we do not have it as a target we do not notice its growth, but it does keep growing. Through wee may not repeat that particular work but its idea will keep striking our mind. In due course of time when you get an appropriate chance, you are bound to repeat that work twice again.

From this point, slowly and slowly, this practice starts gaining momentum. Gradually by watering and fertilizing this practice, the tree of a habit takes a big form.

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