6 Proven Ways To Increase Your Online Business Presence

The COVID-19 lockdown has taught us the importance of online business presence. In the time of social distancing, it’s not possible to attract the public by practising traditional marketing.

Therefore, it has become essential for all types of businesses to grow their presence on the internet.

Almost all of us have a business website. But how many of us try to make it reach the public? Only a handful. How could our business grow if the audience doesn’t have an idea about our website?

Hence, we have to put efforts to rank our website on the top of SERP (search engine result pages).

Many entrepreneurs hire third-party digital marketing services, but some prefer to promote their business on their own.

Whatever it may be, the ultimate goal is to increase the web presence of the business.

There is no single strategy to attract customers towards your website; digital marketers use a plethora of techniques to draw the audience towards the site of a client.

If you are also interested in increasing the web presence of your business, then you should consider the following tips.

6 Tips To Scale Your Online Business Presence

1: Enhance Your Business Website

In case you don’t have a business website, it is advised to build it first, but if you have, then you need to modify it according to current standards.

You have to consider several factors while crafting the website, such as it must be consistent, SEO optimized, visually appealing, aligned, etc.

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Remember, a website reflects the quality of your products and services and plays a vital role in putting an impression on customers. Hence, it must be alluring and attractive.

2: Implement SEO

After enhancing the website, the next step is to increase the ranking of websites on search engine result pages. SEO (search engine optimization) is the organic way to take the website to the top of Google.

First, you have to find a keyword that you want to target. The most widely used keyword is Google Keyword planner, but there are also some other tools to search keywords such as Semrush, Ahrefs Keyword explorer, Longtail pro, etc.

Then you are required to do local listing, broken link building, guest posting, etc., to rank your website on search engines.

3: Paid Ads

Another popular way to increase the web presence of the business is through paid ads, which are also known as Google ads and PPC (pay per click).

The search engine will put your web page on the top of its result pages, and you need to pay the predetermined bucks each time the individual clicks on your link. This method is a bit expensive but effective.

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It gives you quick results; on the other hand, SEO will take 3 to 4 months to boost your website ranking.

4: Stay Active On Social Media

Social media marketing is one of the easiest ways to create awareness about your company among the audience.

According to a blog called Backlinko, about 50% of the world’s population uses social media. So, isn’t it great to stay active on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.? It is a free and easiest method to engage potential customers.

5: Create Quality Content

Posting knowledgeable and quality content is among the most effective ways to promote the online presence of an enterprise. People love to read informative things and will visit your website again and again. Not just that, it also helps in boosting SEO results.

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6: Analyze Your Results

After implementing all the above strategies, it is important to analyze whether your efforts are going well? This can be done through Google’s webmaster tool.

This tool will tell you about the source from where traffic is coming to your website and aids you in developing a more powerful digital marketing strategy in the future.

The Bottom Line

By considering the above-stated strategies, you can scale your online business presence to the next level.