Stop: High Your Stress & Live Long

Physical Effects Of Stress & Live Long

Everyone has stress and we face it in our daily life. Student nurses might be facing interpersonal and environmental stresses. Stress brings advantages and disadvantages to us, it depends on how nursing students look upon and take over them. Stresses can cause us to become stressful, feel distressed and emotionally affected while on the other hand, stresses give us motivation and evoke us to be more upholding and persistence in the study in order reach the optimum target and achieve further success. Read The Article To Know About Physical Effects Of Stress.

People face many challenges and stressors, however, as nursing people they are likely to experience even more stress than their friends and family members enrolled in other programs. Therefore, researches have documented that perceived stress level is high among nursing people.

Physical Effects Of Stress:

If the stress is not dealt with effectively, feeling of loneliness, nervousness, sleeplessness and worrying may result. Effective coping strategies facilitate the return to a balanced state, reducing the negative effects of stress. Academic stress is observed when people can’t finish their works on time. Some of them can’t cope with the problems as they don’t have proper management or plan in their works.

Stress affects the mind, body, and behavior in many ways, and everyone experience stresses differently. Longtime stress among nursing students or prolonged stress can cause memory problems and an inability to concentrate on the works. Sometimes they feel chest pain, rapid heartbeat, depression or general unhappiness and sleeping too much or too little whenever something goes wrong.

It may even lead to burnout. Clinical practice has been identified as one of the most anxiety-producing components in nursing programs. Therefore, Lack of experience, fear of making mistakes, difficult patients, discomfort at being evaluated by faculty members, worry about giving described as positive or negative.

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