12 Ways To Boost Your Positive Outlook

Want to know about Positive outlook on life & How to have a positive outlook on life?

A positive attitude is of great importance in life. Many people, in spite of having sufficient talent and qualification, do not progress and succeed in life because of their narrow outlook.

Nobody likes people who have a narrow outlook. In life, only that person is considered well behaved who has positive and healthy bent of mind.

Every work of man is inspired by his natural motives. These motives also work as his sentimental powers and at times develop such attitudes in their subconscious mind which are known as mental glands in the language of psychologists.

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In every human being, we find all kinds of mental glands. These glands affect each other. After some time they become a part and parcel of our personality.

Mental Glands: Positive Outlook

Psychologists have accepted that some special kinds of glands are found in all the talented and great people. They believe that due to these mental glands they become extra active & original. The mental glands of people are deeply affected by their nature, education, background and family atmosphere.

The real beauty of a man lies not in his physical appearance but his work and good qualities. The ability and achievements of a person are judges by his mentally.

That is why it is important that we improve our mental outlook. By adopting a positive outlook we can get rid of mental dissatisfaction.

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This change will help you to contribute a lot in making your relations better and sweet with people.

Cheerful and lively people are popular among all. If you are not jealous of the prosperity of your acquaintances and relatives and are satisfied in your own belongings then you will not only be contend but will also be free of unnecessary mental tension.

Keeping yourself in narrow frame of mind will only restrict your growth.

By being extrovert and sociable you can create a new image for yourself among people. You can win the heart of people by developing polite behavior.

How to have a Positive Outlook on life

So, Let’s discuss about that how to have a positive outlook on life?

Try to find out your weakness and qualities and make an effort so that the positive attitude of your personality becomes more powerful.

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Your outer attraction (beauty) can hypnotize people for a moment but when you prove yourself worthy and able then nobody will notice whether you are less beautiful or more beautiful.

Keep this in your mind that physical beauty is not everything in life. By adopting healthy and positive attitude, you can achieves both-success and popularity.

An egoistic and proud person is neither liked by society nor by his own family members and friends. However, intelligent or learned you may be put if you are proud then people will not like you. You cannot expect good behavior form a proud man.

12 Factors of Positive Outlook: Having a Positive Outlook

Develop the ability to control all your thoughts and inner feeling. Your life should be of your own liking. Marshal Field has given us 12 formulas of a happy and successful life. We should always remember them (having a positive outlook):

  • Value of Time
  • Success of Continuity
  • Pleasure of Labour
  • Greatness of Simplicity
  • Greatness of Character
  • Power of Generosity
  • Effect of Example
  • Responsibility of Duty
  • Wisdom of Saving or Proper Expenditure
  • Pride of Patience
  • Development of Talent
  • Pleasure of Originality

We must try to know and accept our behavior, environment, means etc. as they are in reality. And then we should try to analyse as to how we can improve and make progress under given circumstances.

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We should try to eradicate our false pride and ego and then our inner self will become supportive of our society. When we become one with all our loveliness will automatically perish.

Short Story About Positive Outlook

Once upon a time, there lived a man named Aatvik Vipyadis in Aatika village of Greece. He was the owner of many building, factories and a lot of wealth.

He used to describe the glory of his riches whenever he got a chance. One day he started explaining about his riches before Socrates, the great philosopher.

After listening to him for quite sometime Socrates said, “Sir, I wish to gather some information from you about the map of Greece.” Saying so he placed the map of Greece before the rich man and asked him to show his factories and buildings. In the map village, Aataki was located like the point of a needle.

The rick man could show his village but his factories and buildings were nowhere to be seen. Socrates seriously said, “Sir, Greece is a small country. You can see your village on the map with great difficulty, you are proud & happy.” After listening to this pride of the rich man disappeared.

Keep In Mind: Positive Outlook

Whatever we get, it seems less to us, this is how it has been destined by nature for us.

The greatest magician in this world is love. The best way to revenge pain is to use the medicine of affection. What else can ease the pain of heart if not love.


In this post we discuss about that how you guys cheer-up you personality through positive outlook & how to have a positive outlook on life.

Having a positive outlook is not a hard job. All you need to do this, scroll up and read this post to get great information about positive outlook & how to having a positive outlook on life.

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