Self Development: How to Completely Radiate Your Personality [UPDATED]

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What is Self Development?

The meaning of life is to live for others and up to some extent depend on others.

We can be called well behaved only when we develop the feeling of co-operation in our life.

When we are ready to help someone in his hour of need, only then he would come forward and extend help to us.

This is the law of nature, and it is also the secret of a successful life.

You can never enjoy life in its completeness if you live a pretty life thinking only about your ownself. Birds and animals do all the work for themselves only.

If a man also thinks only for himself then what difference can be there between men and animals.

If have the feelings of co-operation, love and affection for others, only then it is possible to construct a useful, civilized society otherwise man wastes his life by involving himself in fights & other vile acts.

There is a popular saying among the people, either you be accepted by someone or you accept someone as your own.

The feeling of love, respect for others, and affection only lies at the root of this sentence.

Such a man often insults others and keeps finding reasons to harass others without any reason. His target is specially those is specially those people who are close to him.

In this situation man is not able to keep cordial relations with his friends and companions.

He keeps trying to exercise command, both at home and at his work place. As a result he soon loses love and co-operation of his near and dear ones.

Insult Others: Good or Bad?

The man who insults others, loses control of himself while shouting and forgets what he is doing in fit of anger, is unaware of the fact that he is a victim of the psycho gland of egoism.

This psycho gland casts an adverse effect on the health of the person who suffers from it.

People who are in the grip of this type of psycho gland, they ought to bring certain changes in their lifestyle.

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The aspect of change should be such that man does not remain self-centered but thinks about others.

He should give preference to such ideas that he is the member of a particular family or community.

It is correct that wise man always keeps himself in right frame of mind and he leaves no scope for anyone to govern his actions.

Every individual should develop the ability to adjust with others.

Because basically man is a social animal, so one can not survive by living alone.

As far as possible we should extend a helping hand to others. The secret of all success is what should keep ourself abreast of everything that is happening around us.

It is required that a person should live in perfect harmony with his neighbours, keeping in mind the requirement of time we should talk to our friends and companions only those things which they desire to hear.


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