Complete Case Study On Social Welfare

Want to know about Social Welfare?

Is This a Good Decisions? That How Social Welfare Blod Your Personality. What is Self Development?

Yes, this is a Great Decision.

Hi, Guys today we going to talk about how Self Development/ Social welfare services expand our Personality.

We must always dedicate ourselves to society.

By this, we can give a practical shape to our behaviour.

If we remain aloof from the society we will be like a frog living in well and this will create a hindrance in our progress.

The more we work for society and the more we remain connected with it, the more famous we will become.

This frame will enhance our enthusiasm. Always remember that society is ours. We need it. Live not only for yourself but for the society also.

Reach Out To one’s Who Need Help: Social Welfare

Today life is a busy life. Everyone is involved in solving his own problems. We do not bother others.

We spare sometimes for our relatives, friends, and family according to our convenience but have no time for Social welfare.

To become popular in society one must work for the upliftment of society with honesty and responsibility.

If we want to be recognized in society and want to reach the pinnacle of success, we should not keep ourselves aloof from society.

Our deep feeling and responsibility towards society make us good and responsible citizens of the society we live in.

According to John F. Kennedy:

Former president of America John F. Kennedy used to say- ” My countrymen, do not ask what your society and your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country?”

There are some peoples who do not come forward to work for society because they bother about public opinion, they think what people would say and so they shirk from it.

But the only need is to take the first step and rest follow.

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If you think that how Social welfare expands your Personality, the right example is Swami Vivekananda. He said that the situation of uncertainty is worse than death.

Whatever you want to do, do it with full awareness. Delay in the decision will bring failures for you.

Keep in Mind

You cannot help anyone unless you have faith and favour in your own heart.

If you have any doubts about anything, your words will not carry conviction because you have not convinced yourself.

If you talk of the power of love, you convince through loving.

But if you have any hatred in your heart, or are a slave to anger and jealousy, what you say will have little effect.

We impact moral principles through our actions and by the way we serve.

Remember: Self Development

A businessman is one thing and to be in business is quite another.

You can be in business and religious, but you cannot be a businessman and religious.

And they are poles apart. They are not synonyms. I am not saying that you have to renounce all your business to become religious.

I am never in favour of any renunciation in the world. Basically, the moral of the content is self-development.

But when I say a businessman cannot be religious I mean something totally different.

I mean psychology (self-development), not the work that you do in the marketplace, but the psychology, the mind.

The mind of a businessman is always bargaining, always greedy, always thinking of the profit, always in the future, always interested in pretty things, mundane, objects.

When I say, don’t be a businessman, I mean to drop this psychology.

And you can drop the marketplace and go the Himalayan caves, that won’t help because I have seen great mahatmas who have renounced business, but they are still businessmen.


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